German American artist Ali Eckert grew up within two cultures and has been strongly influenced by American imagery and pop cultural elements.  His art explores various iconography that has historically infiltrated the daily lives and society’s consciousness to reflect its ongoing cultural transition.

Eckert’s unique transfer process marries photography, digital artistry and painting. His images are transferred to canvas, aluminum or wood through a signature pigment process, accentuated with paint.  This analog process renders a dreaminess to his work.  In VANISHING ICONS, crushed Pepsi cans float, crumpled Brillo boxes fade, and other brand icons of yesteryear struggle to hang on while simultaneously starting to march into oblivion.

Eckert has received several international awards and is internationally collected (Sander Collection/Basel, Zagoras Collection/Athens and the Neumann-Hug Collection/St.Urban, German Art Fund Hungary, among others).

Eckert works with mixed media, film and photography in his studios in Berlin and Wisconsin.


Galerie Mond Fine Arts, Berlin

Hohmann Fine Art, Palm Desert, CA.




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